Luxor vinyl products


Why should I buy a custom made vinyl item?
Buying custom made allows you to control quality and color of the printing and the gauge (thickness) of the vinyl and chipboard. We also offer cold crack resistant, UV resistant and copy guard vinyl to protect any printed materials.
What are my choices for imprinting
We offer hot stamping (foil transfer) very good quality but limited color choices. Silk-screening gives an excellent quality print and the ability to print almost any color. Embossing permanently heat marks your logo or text on vinyl.
What is cold crack resistance?
Vinyl becomes rigid as the temperature drops. Cold crack resistant vinyl will resist cracking up to -17 Celsius (0 Fahrenheit).
What is copy guard?
Copy guard is a treatment that transparent vinyl receives to avoid transfer of ink from photocopied or faxed papers
Is PVC recyclable?
Yes. PVC is 100% recyclable and requires 1/3 of the energy to produce compared to most other molded plastic products. We recycle all our cut offs and have been doing so for the past 25 years.
How much will the shipping cost?
Our products are FOB Montreal Quebec. Depending on weight, volume and destination we will advise you on the cost and best method of shipment.
How can I pay for my order?
Please call to discuss best payment method.
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